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The TPSY project combines "low risk" know-how with "high risk" creative unpredictability. It endeavors to present a never-before-seen highly active, trend-centric brand that controls its product line with unprecedented maneuverability. TPSY can introduce new products and product lines in an experimental manner that values ​​creativity, positivity, flow, and fun.
It's a new take on beauty. Get ready to be TPSY.

Low-risk and high-risk combined know-how in creative, TPSY
of nowhere as the brand product line of super trend centered not seen (product line) and completeness in the production and management. Creativity and positive force, commitment and TPSY showcasing the unique makeup products the value of fun to experiment live attitude height
is a new interpretation of beauty. Ready to TPSY?

TPSY is a combination of low-risk, advanced technology formula and unlimited creative style make-up.
In addition to strict control of product quality and production management, the company is also committed to presenting an unprecedented and avant-garde brand style. TPSY with a strong experimental spirit, the courage to be creative cosmetics, enthusiasm, fun and unique ㄧ grid show.
New generation makeup make up you, ready together TPSY yet?

Le projet TPSY allie un savoir-faire rassurant à une créativité imprévisible qui n'a pas peur de prendre des risques.
Il s'efforce de présenter une marque à l'activité unique et basée sur les tendances qui contrôle sa gamme de produits avec une maniabilité sans précédent. TPSY peut présenter de nouveaux produits et gammes de maquillage de façade expérimentale en mettant en avant la créativité, la positivité, le flow et le fun.
C'est un regard nouveau sur la beauté. Préparez-vous à être TPSY.

El proyecto TPSY combina el conocimiento de "bajo riesgo" con la imprevisibilidad creativa de "alto riesgo". Se esfuerza por presentar una marca nounca antes vista, altamente centrada en la tendencia, que controla su línea de productos con una maniobrabilidad sin precedentes. TPSY puede introducir nuevos productos de maquillaje y líneas de productos de una manera experimental que valora la creatividad, la positividad, el flujo y la diversión.
Es una nueva toma de la belleza. Prepare money ser TPSY.

  • TPSY
    Is a new way of looking at life, at color cosmetics. TPSY puts creativity and surprise ahead of more standard beauty values All while drawing from a wealth of family knowledge about cosmetics

    Have you ever done anything that you would never thought you would?

  • Up Live
    Live IT up
    Live IT up
    Live up IT
    Live IT up

  • How about marry someone after a few months of bar-scene dating, then almost immediately co-create a new cosmetic company together in a haze of love and excitement?

  • Welcome to TPSY, a company founded upon serendipity, spontaneity, and joy. But it's not just about fun - TPSY comes from a family that has been operating a beauty supply chain for years.

  • Add to the mix a partnership with a New York creative team, and TPSY becomes what it's name implies: an unpredictable beauty brand with almost limitless potential.